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Step-By-Step Easy Manicure

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Taking care of your nails doesn't have to be anything but a relaxing, pleasing experience.
There is just a few things that you need to think about when setting up a at home manicure.
Take a good look at your nails, when planning what you want to do you need to know what
condition your nails are in. Are your nails dry' Do they have lines or ridges' Are the nails
peeling in layers' Are they soft or brittle' In what shape are your cuticles' Are you a nail
biter and have hangnails' Each of these questions can be answered while deciding just how much
or how little you want to do for a at home manicure.
Make sure you have everything you need before you get started.
Your favorite polish,
Polish remover
base coat
top coat
Cotton balls
orange stick
bowl for the warm water
Now you are setup, follow the steps and off you go.
1- Remove any old polish on your nails and toes. If there isn't time to give yourself a pedicure
then having no polish on your toes in better than chipped. Another tip when removing your old polish
don't use a polish remover system that requires you to stick your entire finger into a jar of solution.
Remember polish remover isn't very good for your nails and avoid those that contain acetone or chemical
relatives of acetone, even if they say they have conditioners. The acetone and alcohol in polish removers
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damage the surface of the nail, affect the nail's natural luster, and weaken the base of the nail.
2-You will want to rinse your nails in warm water immediately after using polish remover. Then scrub them
cleanly with a soft-bristle nail brush. A really good idea is to of done this the night before and then
applied moisturizer and slept with gloves. That would of seal in the moisture and just really help your
nails and hands.
A super easy recipe to do at home for a hot oil treatment for your nails is
1/4 cup olive oil
oil from one vitamin E capsule
Just heat the oil in a saucepan and let cool until just warm. Add the vitamin E to the oil then rub it into
your cuticles and nails, massaging any extra oils into your hands, put on your gloves and your hands and nails
will just be wonderful the next day.
3-Filing may be necessary to shape and buff away anything not looking good. Just don't file unless your nails
are dry and free of any creams. Soft nails with may peel, tear chipped or even split. Just make sure your nails
are dry. They say don't saw back and forth but do it in one direction only at a time, it helps if your file in
the direction they grow to prevent splitting. You may want to keep your nails even length and find the shape best
for your hands. Some fingers look good with square nails and others with oval tips.
4-Soak your nails for a few minutes in warm water, there are a few recipes to create a treat for your nails, so
you can look into that. If your nails are stained well thats different. Here is a real easy recipe to whiten your
your nails.
Use this twice a week till stain is gone
1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide
1 cup warm water
Soak for 15 minutes twice a week. Pat dry
5- Now you need to push back your cuticles but never cut them or push them back hard. They are what protects the
root of the nail. Good idea is not to use a cuticle remover they are known to contain alkali and that is one of the
harshest products out today in cosmetics. To gently push back the cuticle, by using a soft moist towel or orange
stick. The dead skin you can trim off but leave living skin alone, just not a good idea to do.
6- Clean under your nails but be careful if you are too vigorous you may create a space under your nails for fungi
or bacteria to grow, yuch so be careful.
7- Now its time to paint your nails. Its best to have a base coat for that will fill in any ridges your nails may have
and make your polish look better.
First step: paint on a clean base coat. Its best to wait about 3 minutes between putting on the polish so that layer
has a better change of being dry. It also helps to keep your nails from staining or getting yellow.
Second step: The best way to apply polish is to start at up the center, then up both sides from the base to the tip.
You really only need to use three strokes.
Real good idea is to avoid quick-dry polishes for they mostly contain acetone which is not good for the health of your
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nails, try a thicker, slower drying polish it will hold moisture plus give your nails more flexibility.
Go over your nails with two coats of polish letting each coat dry about 3 minutes
Third step: Brush on your top coat cause it will seal the polish and help protect it from chipping.
And there you go, you just gave yourself you very own home manicure saving yourself money. I do hope this was good enough
for you to be able to do a home manicure, if not then stop by and send me email and I will try to answer
any questions you might have.

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