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Salon Equipment: An Overview

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Equipment to outfit a hair, nail or tanning salon ranges from basic to extravagant, with a vast array of equipment falling somewhere in the middle. Basic, inexpensive, salon equipment may be well suited for a start-up venture or for a salon owner who values simplicity. On the other hand, a veteran salon owner's business may benefit from more expensive salon equipment that helps streamline services provided to the client

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An example of a simplistic and basic piece of salon equipment is a basic barber's chair. The barber's chair is typically a chair that features a thickly padded seat, for comfort, as well as the ability to recline and lift. This feature allows a stylist the convenience of quickly adjusting the chair to a client's height. Other equipment used in providing hair styling and hair-cutting services includes washbasins, hair dryers, hairstyling chairs, mirrors, and styling stations.

The kind of salon equipment used will vary according to the different services that a salon offers. There are specific pieces of salon equipment for providing day spa services such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, tanning, and massage. Salon equipment used to provide day spa services includes pedicure spas, manicure tables, massage tables, facial beds, tanning beds, and tanning booths. If purchased new, this type of equipment can be costly. The same equipment is also available for purchase in used condition. There are many suppliers who specialize only in offering used salon equipment.
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Smart consumers who choose to buy from a reputable retailer can often save a tremendous amount of money by opting to purchase used equipment versus brand new equipment. The overall atmosphere of a salon also plays a role in determining the type of equipment that will be found in a particular salon. A salon that offers costly, high-end, services will want its equipment to reflect the overall atmosphere of the establishment. There are many features that may be added to basic equipment that ensure the client has a relaxing, enjoyable salon experience. Of course, any additional features will significantly add to the overall cost of the equipment.

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