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How Costly Is Laser Hair Removal?

The Principle Of Laser Hair Removal
The principle of laser hair removal revolves around the
principle of light radiation. The concept of laser hair
removal is simple to understand. .....
The cost of Laser hair removal is of less importance to the
hundreds of men and women who have benefited from this
technique. Laser hair removal may be more expensive than
other hair removal methods such as plucking, waxing or

However, it is a longer-lasting treatment and saves you
valuable dollars in the future. Laser hair removal is a
simple and clean procedure for a permanent solution from
the problem of unwanted hair.

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The cost of Laser hair removal depends on a number of
factors. These factors will cumulatively decide the cost of
the treatment. Because the factors vary from person to
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person, the cost of the treatment will also vary for each
individual. The factors that determine the cost of laser
hair removal are -

* The amount of hair to be removed - Denser hair will have
a higher charge for laser hair removal than hair that is
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* The area to be covered - Laser hair removal for larger
areas such as the legs will cost more for than smaller
areas such as upper lips.

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* Every individual has unique hair growth. For the same
body area, two individuals could require different times
and therefore different costs of treatment for laser hair

The laser hair removal clinic will initially fix a
consultation with the customer to determine the above
factors in order to arrive at the cost for the laser hair
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removal treatment.

A fixed price is rarely charged. The price usually varies
from individual to individual. The cost could be determined
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on the following basis -

* Time - some laser clinics charge based on a certain time.
For example, every 15 minutes treatment could cost $100.
How much time each individual takes would depend on the
hair growth and the area covered.

* Cost per pulse - some laser clinics charge based on each
pulse. A "pulse" refers to each time that the laser is
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fired. A single pulse could destroy approximately 100
hairs. Again, the number of pulses required depends on the
amount of hair growth and the area covered.

* Flat fee - In some cases, laser clinics charge a flat fee
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for each session or each body part. For example, $100 for
the upper lip etc.

Fixed pricing is rare and limited for laser hair removal
procedures. Ultimately, the cost of the laser hair removal
will be different for each person.

In a survey conducted by a health care organization, it is
found that generally $500 is charged for a session of laser
hair removal and on an average, four sessions are required
for an effective treatment.
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