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Conditioner for dry hair: Dry hair has very little shine and it is important to use a good salon quality conditioner. To keep your dry hair shiny, use a gentle shampoo and the right conditioner. The correct hair conditioner will keep the outer portion of the hair shaft properly moisturized and help prevent split ends. It is essential that you use conditioner every day to prevent hair problems. If you plan to swim in a pool or in the ocean, a good tip is to lightly shampoo your hair and apply a generous amount of conditioner just prior to your swim. Rinse well but go swiming with your hair still wet and holding some conditioner. As soon as you can, lightly shampoo and use conditioner again.

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It is all important to make sure that you avoid getting a roughed-up cuticle. This diffuses light, and detracts from shine. If you blow dry, use a gentle bristle brush and a blow dryer on medium heat. Do not over heat dry hair. When hair is dry, spritz on a shine-enhancing spray to keep hair silky.

Conditioner for oily hair: Oily hair requires a very gentle condtioner that is fitted to a very gentle shampoo. The hair should be washed every day and conditioner used only when the hair seems dry. You have a balance to achieve. The shampoo needs to be specially formulated for oily hair. It is important to use very little shampoo to get a moderately good lather.
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If your hair becomes overly oily, put conditioner on the ends only before you shampoo. After you shampoo your hair check the ends of your hair. If they have an oily feel, don't use conditioner. A couple of other don'ts...don't use a hot hair dryer since it will dialate the tiny capliaries and stimulate the oil glands in your scalp. This brings out the hair oils. Don't use a comb or brush more than necessary for similar reasons.

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