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Choosing The Hair Color That Is Right For You

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Coloring hair has become a common fashion these days. You may use colors to add shine to your hair or for gray coverage. You may use either use a home color or go for a professional color. Professional colors offer solution for a wide variety of requirements, while home colors are usually for gray coverage and one to two levels of lightening. There is a wide variety or professional hair colors available in the market. Making the right choice may become quite difficult.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose from different types of hair colors. The first category is temporary hair color, which usually last for 1-2 shampoos. Such color is often temporary for Halloween and some "rinses". However, it may last longer on blonde hair or porous and chemically treated hair. Temporary hair colors come in both spray and liquid form. They usually contain FD& C dyes.

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Semi permanent hair colors are the second category of hair colors. They usually last for 4-6 weeks. You can use these colors to blend gray hair without lightening the color of the other hair. Some semi permanent hair colors contain strictly food grade dyes or FD & C dyes with an alkalizer. Some use oxidative dyes with an alkalizer.

Botanical hair color henna is another form of semi permanent hair color, which comes in red tones. However, it is not suitable for porous hair. Manufacturers use different ingredients including metals, oxidative dyes and other plant pigments to alter the shade of the henna.

Progressive dye is another category of hair color. The more often you use them, the more color it deposits. You need to be careful in using progressive dye, as some of them use lead and other toxic metals.
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Permanent hair colors contain various ingredients. Some use natural ingredients, while some may use many chemicals and concentrations of oxidative dyes. Chemicals like ammonia and monoethanolamine are very common in permanent hair colors. Monoethanolamine color is good for you if your hair is porous and fades quickly. Ammonia can make some colors extremely conditioning depending on the other ingredients present in the color.

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It is necessary to have an understanding of the ingredients in a particular hair color before you start using it. Most hair colors contain certain chemicals that may cause several problems such as hair loss, itchy scalp, flaking scalp, rashes and nausea. Such chemicals include various synthetic and toxic or allergenic ingredients. Have a careful look at the labels before you pick up a color.

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