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Skin is one of the first parts of the body to show problems from toxins. The body essentially sees the skin as not as essential as other key organs like the heart and lungs. The body, unfortunately, diverts nutrients from the skin to the key organs to keep them as healthy as possible. This fact is problematic for the look and texture of our skin because the skin relies totally on nutrients for its health --- which is a mirror for how our skin appears. Toxins attack nutrient stores and when sufficient quantities are not available for the entire body, the skin suffers.

Major causes of toxins which should be reduced or eliminated to preserve healthy, natural reserves of nutrients are the following:

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Probably the worst toxin for healthy skin is smoking, because it severely constricts blood vessels that cause smokers to have a discolored complexion. The nutrients can only be delivered to the skin with a healthy delivery system, which is compromised by smoking because it constricts circulation, cutting off an adequate supply of the nutrients and oxygen needed. It's been conclusively shown that smokers in their 40's have the same amount of wrinkles as non-smokers who are 20 years older. The Nagoya City University Medical School in Japan has demonstrated smoking increases levels in the body of an enzyme that acts to break down collagen ' which is the fiber that keeps the skin firm.

Another toxin that causes major problems with healthy skin is alcohol in that it actually alters the shape of red blood cells that reduce the amount of oxygen traveling through the system. It, like smoking, increases an enzyme that attacks collagen and, particularly, the elasticity of our skin.

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Unique hormones are driven by high stress levels that wipe-out the B vitamins circulatory systems need to create healthy red blood cells. Stress drives dull looking skin because of the lack of adequate vitamin B.

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The real toxic enemy when it comes to our skin is the sun. Dermatologists have presented a position that if we didn't expose our skin to the sun, wrinkles would not appear naturally until the 60's. The problem with sunlight is it allows high levels of free radicals to be formed in the skin that attack the collagen and elastic fibers. Too much sunlight over time thickens the upper layers of the skin, which create a dull, shallow appearance.

Detoxing your skin (and hair) against the four above issues is a matter of significantly reducing or actually eliminating these toxins. If it is difficult or improbable that they can be significantly reduced, steps can be taken to augment nutritional stores and use all-natural premium skin care products to overcome the affect of toxins. A good multi-vitamin tablet, such as Complete Essentials for Women, can be obtained from IH Distribution LLC and should be augmented with Defense Builder Antioxidant. If oily skin is present, an oil-free cleanser, such as
Bio-Matte, is invaluable. Balm mint, ivy, lavender, and mallow provide soothing anti-inflammatory action and actually condition the skin on contact. If toxins are constantly present, a product such as Rejuvenating Cream, also available from IH Distribution LLC, will create a healthier, younger appearance with a proprietary blend of vitamin E and naturally occurring amino acids. The unique combination of botanicals softens the look of lines and repairs and returns the skin to a normal, moisture-rich state. A good masque, such as the unique
Thermal Fusion Enzyme Masque, improves skin texture, clarity, and firmness. It's a natural, safe non-abrasive alternative to a harsh chemical peel. It gets beneath the surface of the skin to clean and exfoliate without harming healthy cells.

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